Deploying this solution can supply the insights needed in near real time to make faster, more informed decisions.

How it works

Leveraging the power of IBM advanced analytics, recurring patterns can be recognized to easier identify and help correct potential equipment problems before they are likely to happen.

How you benefit

By creating a trusted source for your asset information, you can:

  • more easily collaborate across functional areas and with external service providers
  • automate common processes
  • manage regulatory compliance
  • perform work, change and incident management.

With a robust asset management solution, you'll enjoy higher availability, utilization and performance of your critical assets and reduced costs.

Success story

Analytics reduce key asset maintenance costs to help prevent equipment failures

The organization’s comprehensive new solution helps technicians analyze failure patterns across specific asset classes to better predict where and when to replace parts before they fail.

Asset Analytics for Rotational Equipment

Watch as several scenarios demonstrate how IBM Analytics Oil and Gas solutions can provide the deep, rich insights needed to make the right decisions.

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