Better manage your equipment maintenance and production performance metrics with a solution that helps you connect, predict, repair and optimize upstream equipment maintenance, operations and production.

How it works

The IBM Digital Production solution connects and collects data from a myriad of devices, sensors and equipment without requiring changes to your infrastructure or systems. With this data, you can also see and listen to information sources.

It provides early warning for upstream-specific operational issues such as stuck pipes, impending drill bit failure or breakage, time to failure, probable cause and more.

An interactive cognitive dialog displays maintenance logs from mines, equipment manuals and technician unstructured data to assist with diagnostics. It also makes repair recommendations, including parts and tooling, to ensure the highest probability of success.

Using cognitive insights, you can monitor and evaluate operating performance in real time, looking for alternate settings or operations to improve throughput, quality and availability. The solution also suggests improvements to parts inventory management and spare parts locations.

How you benefit

This solution optimizes upstream production by enabling you to:

  • Manage systems and equipment in real time
  • Prevent equipment downtime, improve quality, reduce waste and increase productivity
  • Minimize labor hours for jobs and risk of improper repairs, and improve employee retention and satisfaction
  • Harvest best practices and lessons learned to increase field team knowledge and efficiency though continual and closed-loop learning
  • Reduce costs for more competitive bidding
  • Improve agility to respond to changing needs and to increase expertise scalability

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