Big data in the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies face the challenge of obtaining insight from an enormous amount of data to make better, more informed decisions. To innovate exploration and production, you need to make sense of operational data from the plant floor, supply chains and connected products.

By applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, oil and gas companies can identify trends and predict events throughout processes to quickly respond to disruptions and improve efficiencies. To push capabilities further, implementing automation and AI helps the oil and gas industry surpass human limitations to enable the type of decision making that keeps operations running at full speed and optimizes drilling and production. This shift to digitization and use of big data positions your organization to lead the field in shaping the next generation of oil and gas innovations.

Big data for oil and gas case studies


Flotek transforms reservoir management and recovery from reactive to predictive with data.


ExxonMobil accelerates well planning and optimizes drilling with real-time AI insights.


ADNOC captures expert knowledge to analyze rock formations for better drilling.

Big data for Oil and Gas solutions

Extract value from big data

Discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns and insights from data.

Infuse AI into your workflows

Scale the expertise of your employees to become more predictive and automated.

Optimize production with AI on Edge

Act quickly on insights close to the data source for better drilling production.

Carol Chen is recognized among women leaders in AI

Carol extends Shell’s reach by building a seismic business platform for mining operations.


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Oil and gas exploration

There’s a digital renaissance is coming for the oil and gas sector.

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