Optimize your supply chain for tomorrow’s customer

Better supply chains can1:

Improve inventory
turns by


when using a single inventory system of record from which all planning and execution activities are based.

Increase inventory
turns by


when optimizing the supply network with simulation and what-if analysis.

Speed up order
cycles by


when basing demand forecasts on insight into the drivers of buyers’ behavior.

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Blockchain is a distributed ledger that creates a permanent, shared and secure record of every transaction associated with an asset. It creates an unbroken chain of trust from source to consumer.

Metro Pulse

Metro Pulse provides targeted insight to deliver a real-time snapshot at the neighborhood level. This insight enables the supply chain leader to understand demand based on actual and unforeseen events.

Watson Supply Chain

Watson Supply Chain uses cognitive capabilities to identify potential problems and provides solutions to avoid the added costs and impacts of disruptions.

What our customers say

“We are excited about this cooperation and its potential to bring substantial efficiency and productivity gains to global supply chains, while decreasing fraud and increasing security.”

Ibrahim Gokcen
Chief Digital Officer

“Many other types of externally generated data sources, Social Media for example, putting that together with our internally transactional data, and then forming this concept of what the perfect would be, and then helping us identify what gaps those are and how we close those gaps”

Kjersten Moody
VP, Information & Analytics

“By utilizing the work that we did with the IBM team, we were able to dig down through billions of pieces of data to get a [profit and loss] level view by item. We actually developed an entirely new supply chain as a result of the work that was done.”

Don Walker
SVP of Distribution Operations

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