Solution areas

Rethink the role of the store

Evolve the store using advanced technology to meet today’s consumers’ high digital expectations.

Reinvent the supply chain

Minimize the impact of global and local events on your supply chain.

Reach every touchpoint

Let AI help you deliver marketing messages and offers tailored to your customer base.

IBM Food Trust™: trust and transparency for our food

Growers, distributors and retailers are making food safer by enhancing visibility and accountability in every step of the food supply.

Who we work with

Golden State Foods

Reimagines its supply chain with Blockchain and IoT, adding transparency to ensure freshness at every step.

The future is interactive

How one beauty retailer is setting the standard

Heineken lays foundation for data-driven strategy

Learn how Heineken makes its organization data-drive to take well-considered decisions in the future based on internal and external data.

Delivering delight

A changing consumer landscape means new opportunities to build customer loyalty. Evaluate your current priorities and technology.

IBM Technology

Take advantage of the exponential growth in technology to reimagine interactions with customers and consumers, improve processes in your stores and your business, and optimize your supply chain from product development to post-sale customer service.


Rely on the IBM Cloud™ to keep your top-performing apps, store and brand websites running smoothly, and your consumers engaged and empowered.

Artificial intelligence

Harness the power of IBM Watson® to deliver innovative customer experiences and revolutionize store and supply chain operations.


Use data and analytics to listen to consumers, identity their wants and needs, and deliver the products and services they want quickly and conveniently.


Build trust with consumers and trading partners by using blockchain solutions to enable traceability and transparency throughout your supply chain.

Trends and News

How do we create a safer supply chain that combats food waste?

This question becomes increasingly important in the fight for sustainability. Blockchain, a system that protects data against manipulation, is a first step toward more transparency.

Chocolate and IBM Food Trust

Thanks to IBM Food Trust, consumers may gain more insight into the ingredients and the creation of food and snacks. Blockchain technology does the job.

The future of retail is now

Expect efficiency and create agility. Let’s put smart to work™.

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