Solution areas

Transform your retail business. Implement innovative solutions to make customer experiences unique and engaging while improving internal efficiencies.

Rethink the role of the store

Evolve the store using advanced technology to meet today’s consumers’ high digital expectations.

Reinvent the supply chain

Minimize the impact of global and local events on your supply chain.

Reach every touchpoint

Let AI help you deliver marketing messages and offers tailored to your customer base.

Who we work with

Walmart uses blockchain to improve traceability in food safety

Learn how the company tracks food from farm to shelf.

Sephora and Artificial Intelligence

See how Sephora creates a meaningful connection by fusing their customer’s digital and in-store experience.


Learn how YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP is creating a seamless shopping experience allowing customers to order whenever and wherever and have their orders delivered at best suitable place and time.

IBM Technology

Take advantage of the exponential growth in technology to reimagine interactions with customers and consumers, improve processes in your stores and your business, and optimize your supply chain from product development to post-sale customer service.


Rely on the IBM Cloud™ to keep your top-performing apps, store and brand websites running smoothly, and your consumers engaged and empowered.

Artificial intelligence

Harness the power of IBM Watson® to deliver innovative customer experiences and revolutionize store and supply chain operations.


Use data and analytics to listen to consumers, identity their wants and needs, and deliver the products and services they want quickly and conveniently.


Build trust with consumers and trading partners by using blockchain solutions to enable traceability and transparency throughout your supply chain.

Trends and News

Blockchain reinvents the consumer experience

Imagine if organizations could earn and keep consumer loyalty, not because they asked to be trusted, but because they could prove they delivered on promises.

Checkout lines are so 2017

Shoppers get in and out of the store faster with instant checkout.

Generation z shoppers

What do Generation z shoppers really want? Demanding customers, but not in the way you think.

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