Media and Entertainment Industry overview

Audiences today demand unique experiences on multiple devices but the current COVID-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of complexity to the media and entertainment industry. With greater demand on book publishing, digital media, video games and streaming services, industry trends are shifting. Being able to predict your audience needs before they exist helps you transform how you create content and build personalized experiences. Gain marketshare and meet today’s consumer demands by infusing the latest technologies including AI, cloud and advanced analytics throughout your media and entertainment business.

Media and Entertainment Industry solutions

Accelerate your journey to AI

Unlock the value of your media and entertainment data by making it simple and accessible.

Create a better interactive experience

Improve the user experience for employees and customers by streamlining operations.

Connect with your audience

See what’s possible when you infuse IBM Watson® AI into your media and entertainment business.


Data - the great equalizer

How do you leverage data in a cost-efficient way?

Research and insights

Enabling global entertainment companies to compete for consumer time and spending.

The potential for blockchain

Increase transparency in the media industry, entertainment sector and advertising with IBM Blockchain.

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