IBM Wins 2019 NextGen Supply Chain Leadership Award for Blockchain and IoT

Build a smarter supply chain

Manufacturers are under pressure to be more digitally enabled. Explore how AI and blockchain solutions provide more visibility into supply chains to help reduce unexpected disruptions.

87 percent

of CSCOs say it is extremely difficult to predict and manage disruptions.¹

Avoid disruptions

Prepare for disruptions in supply chain operations before they occur. Thanks to AI-produced insights, your digital industry decisions can be made with more foresight.

Improve end to end supply chain visibility

Strengthen supply chain integration by enhancing transparency and traceability. Participate in a shared and permanent record among many different parties within your supply chain network.

Respond quickly

Save time searching EDI data with AI document correlation technologies. Respond quickly to supply chain challenges, like transaction inquiries, by accessing data in a format that’s easy to read.

Ready to learn more?

Extend and improve current systems in the manufacturing supply chain with IBM smart industry solutions.

¹ “The Changing Face of Supply Chain Risk Management.” SCM World, October 2015