Discover how to improve demand forecasting by gaining visibility into demand through collaboration with clients. Learn how to control inventory and increase production output from improved operations planning. Improve asset utilization by balancing demand and supply.

How it works

This solution enhances efficiency of operations by controlling costs through better synchronization of optimal material designs. It also provides the ability to deliver on commitments by closing the loop between production planning, scheduling, execution and tracking.

How you benefit

Gain near real-time visibility of operational assets and create a sense-and-respond environment that enables better understanding, forecasting and management of the end-to-end production environment.

By leveraging field instrumentation and automation, you can act on event-based triggers enabling you to minimize shutdowns. Data integration and big data analytics help you monitor trends and performance indicators to reduce safety risks and environmental impact. Instant access to key data enables improved enterprise-wide decision-making. With a more integrated and adaptive operational environment, upstream oil and gas production and profitability can be optimized.

Success story

Michelin standardizes global manufacturing operations with IBM Maximo


Prevent supply chain disruptions

Unleash the power of Watson Supply Chain to create a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain.


Be ready for Industry 4.0 with Cognitive Manufacturing

Be prepared for Industry 4.0. Harness the power of your data with cognitive manufacturing.

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