Get more out of your operation

Industry 4.0 manufacturing embraces cloud, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) to connect systems and create a feedback channel between environments. With real-time feedback, manufacturers gain the information needed to optimize every stage of production and fine-tune operations with more confidence.


of CxOs from outperforming companies invest in AI for quality control


of industrial products executives say AI is mature and market ready

Maximize factory productivity

A single hour of downtime can cost you over $100,000.¹ Using cognitive technologies ─ a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data, advanced analytics and more ─ you can extract insights from your data to move from reactive to predictive maintenance, pinpoint improvements, reduce waste and increase yield.

See how IBM Maximo can help you achieve the most uptime and reliability.

Improve product quality

Fine-tuning quality management can prevent costly rework. One of the world's largest automakers uses IBM's predictive modeling tools to optimize manufacturing processes and turn data into real results — 25% increase in productivity, 50% reduction in optimization implementation, and minimized waste. Watch the video to see how. Then take the next step and register for the ebook for a deep dive into how IBM can improve quality in your operation.

See how one automaker optimizes processes and product quality.

Assess your progress

Find out how you compare to other manufacturers who are transforming their manufacturing processes by adopting cognitive technologies and Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 resources

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Modern asset management for manufacturers

Gain new insights into asset health with prescriptive maintenance using the Watson IoT Platform and Maximo.

Get ready for cognitive manufacturing

With cognitive manufacturing and AI, manufacturers have the power to think and act like 1,000 engineers.

How AI optimizes robotic process automation

Combine AI with RPA to unlock new value in your existing processes.

Schaeffler Group

The vision is for a world where even the humble ball bearing has in-built intelligence and sensory capabilities. Using IBM Watson’s cognitive intelligence, Schaeffler will interconnect these digitally enabled components and create virtual models of entire industrial systems.

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