Our solutions enable data acquisition, analysis, storage and retrieval of research data; integrate genomic, clinical, research and published data to aid in drug discovery and personalized medicine. Uncover breakthrough insights and validate hypotheses for target identification and drug repurposing, and enable end-to-end capabilities to address clinical trial needs.

How it works

Cognitive computing is applied to massive data stores to discover relationships between disease, molecular, genetic and physiological characteristics to unlock treatments. Leverage broad, rich clinical data to optimize protocol design and understand populations earlier in the drug development process, and improve site selection leveraging unstructured and structured data.

How you benefit

These solutions are designed to help you accelerate clinical trials with improved discovery productivity and operational performance. Dynamically adapt trials with improved choices for trial types and population diversity and decrease product time to market. Enable collaborative structured and unstructured data analytics to make better and more timely decisions to support the efficacy and safety of new products, while gaining new insights to improve market adoption and market access.

Watson Health helps researchers advance the fight against rare diseases

Barrow Neurological Institute applied cognitive computing with IBM’s Watson for Drug Discovery to identify 5 novel RNA binding proteins altered in ALS. From nearly 1,500 candidate proteins, Watson helped predict those most likely to be involved in the disease.

Speeding clinical results with a cloud-based platform

With an IBM Cloud hosting solution, Bluebee delivers a powerful offering that accelerates genomics data processing for labs and genomic service providers by up to 133.9 percent.

Advancing Qatar’s Biomedical Research Capabilities with IBM Storage

Sidra, a Qatar based hospital, biomedical research and educational institution, chose IBM solutions to manage and store clinical genome sequencing data as well as to provide the organization’s biomedical informatics technology infrastructure capabilities that will serve as a national resource. The IBM platform is used for data management and storage, bioinformatics and High Performance Computing (HPC).

Fast transfers improve research data accessibility for life sciences

IBM Aspera products facilitates research by transferring large data sets to and from the database in just hours rather than days.

Using cognitive computing to achieve outcomes in diagnosis of rare diseases

Cloud Therapy built a cognitive solution that enables pharmaceutical companies and doctors to extract value from previously dark data, including several years’ worth of clinical studies, drug research and genomics data using natural language to ask the system about symptoms and find rare cases.

Providing doctors with actionable insights from unstructured data

Watson for Clinical Trial matching is providing trial coordinators with real insights from unstructured data.

Additional Resources

Introducing IBM BigFix Detect

Defend against ransomware and other attacks with effective patch management.

Optimized performance of GATK Best Practices on the IBM POWER8 platform

IBM’s reference architecture for healthcare and life sciences is designed to address the common requirements from organizations pursuing genomics, personalized medicine, and other big data initiatives in biomedical research.

Using Watson to Accelerate Drug Discovery

IBM Watson for Drug Discovery helps accelerate breakthroughs by enabling researchers to quickly analyze, identify, and prioritize new therapeutic targets and drug combinations for future study.

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