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Solutions to help you accelerate drug discovery, transform clinical development and monitor drug safety. Understand market insights and effectively communicate real-world clinical value. Advance data curation and use artificial intelligence to facilitate the discovery of new opportunities previously hidden in disconnected data.

Advance next generation discovery and development

Improve discovery productivity, decrease product time to market and accelerate clinical trials.


Understanding disease by analyzing huge amounts of biological data

Data-driven research at Jefferson is generating new insights into the development of disease, laying the groundwork for new diagnostics and therapies.

Providing doctors with actionable insights from unstructured data

Watson for Clinical Trials Matching is providing trial coordinators with real insights from unstructured data.

IBM Watson for Drug Discovery

Synthesize massive datasets  to unearth insights at a scale beyond what is manually possible.

Accelerating discovery at a lower cost in genomics medicine

The integrated IBM genomics solution, based on composable infrastructure, disaggregates underlying compute, storage and network resources.

Building a high-performance Genomic Cloud to support ground-breaking research

Lab7 Systems built a cloud-based, high-performance computing (HPC) environment  to process and analyze huge volumes of genomics data up to 96 percent faster.

A reference architecture for high performance analytics

Enable higher levels of performance for big data workloads, while lowering your total cost of IT ownership.

Act on insights to drive value

Tap into real world evidence for comparative effectiveness research, outcomes research, health economics studies and more.


Tackling a worldwide health epidemic

Medtronic is working with IBM® Watson Health™ to build Sugar.IQ with Watson, a cognitive mobile personal assistant app that will provide real-time actionable glucose insights and predictions.

Using the IBM Explorys data set to improve how a company markets its medications

SmartAnalyst Inc. and the IBM Watson Health team identified over 6,500 real-world psoriasis patients and uncovered timely treatment trends in the way they progress through their treatment pathways.

Accelerating insights from real-world evidence

IBM Watson Health solutions help translate data into insights about patients, providers, diseases and the overall delivery of care.

IBM Watson Platform for Health

The industry’s first HIPAA and GxP enabled health data platform as a service, that life sciences companies can use to build innovative digital health applications, harnessing the power of cognitive, IoT and Big Data.

Identifying API use cases for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Jump start your API initiatives by learning about potential use cases for this industry.

Modernize infrastructure and digitally reinvent the enterprise

Enable new operating models to reduce costs and enhance profitability.

Achieving business transformation

Blueprint Genetics increased productivity by 30 to 50 percent, utilizing IBM BigInsights® platform with IBM Watson Explorer.

Administers a healthy dose of analytics to accelerate reporting

Applying data analytics technology and infrastructure optimization, Daiichi Sankyo is lifting their controller’s productivity.

Speeding clinical results with a cloud-based platform for genomics data analytics

Using IBM Cloud, Bluebee delivers a powerful offering that accelerates genomics data processing by up to 133.9 percent.

Driving positive outcomes: Digital Reinvention in Life Sciences

By embracing digital technologies, life sciences companies can position themselves both to secure short-term finances and gain long-term industry benefits.

Precision medicine: crucial trends you need to know

Find out what is driving the current state of change and the forces that will enable a more data-driven, personal approach to predictable medicine.

Accelerate personalized healthcare and other biomedical workloads

Life science organizations worldwide must manage, access, store, share, and analyze big data within the constraints of their IT budgets. IBM’s reference architecture for healthcare and life sciences defines a platform for delivering the highest levels of performance for big data workloads, while also lowering the total cost of IT ownership.

Designing an effective hybrid cloud storage strategy is like building a house

Manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a bundled suite of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions at a predictable, cost-per-terabyte price.


Team Medicine: How life sciences can win with blockchain

By providing faster access to trusted information, better collaboration and increased transparency, blockchain can transform life sciences.


Helping researchers advance the fight against rare diseases

Barrow Neurological Institute engaged IBM Watson for Drug Discovery to search research documents for potential connections and help identify new RNA-binding proteins linked to ALS.


IBM Spectrum Scale best practices for genomics medicine workloads

Describing a composable solution with detailed architecture definitions for storage, compute, and networking services for genomics next generation sequencing.


Scaling safety expertise in life sciences

Cognitive, cloud and advanced analytics can help transform patient safety from a reactive, manual process to a semi-automated, proactive source of safety insight.

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