Real-world evidence (RWE) is a powerful resource when it comes to proving your treatment’s value. It helps you understand the efficacy, safety, and cost of existing and potential new treatment options. Since needs can vary by functional area, you need solutions that are customized for you.


Strong publication record

With thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies, IBM is a proven partner in RWE.

Depth and breadth

Long-standing databases and robust curation provide rich longitudinal RWD.

Deep insights

Detail-rich data, tools and an experienced IBM research team can deliver insights.

Real-world evidence solutions

Real-world databases

Demonstrate treatment value with one of the largest and longest-running collections of de-identified US claims data.

Therapeutic EHR datasets

Understand the full continuum of patient care with consolidated, longitudinal data from multiple venues.

Analytic tool

Analyze real-world data quickly and visualize the resulting treatment pattern insights without the need for programming skills.


Real-world data connections

See how RWD research methods can help explore how weather and other factors can impact health.

Tap into smarter real-world data

New data resources can provide more complete views of disease progression, drug safety and more.

Build a better healthcare system

Real-world data can influence decisions at many levels of healthcare and treatment development.


Offerings to support RWD-based research and analytics across multiple functional areas.

Commercial, brand and marketing

Offerings to help commercial stakeholders define and characterize target markets and optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

HEOR and medical affairs

Offerings to conduct outcomes research, build economic models, conduct literature reviews, and compile dossiers.

Next steps

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