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Industrial IoT

Explore the latest Industry 4.0 technologies that can help you meet your production targets.

SERIES: Uptime

How to maximize uptime to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

The latest trends for optimizing assets

Learn about the shifting landscape of asset maintenance, repair, and operations strategies from MIT Technology Review Insides and IBM.

How IBM can help you reduce the costs of unplanned downtime

Watch a live demonstration of IBM's predictive maintenance capabilities.

KONE is working with IBM to optimize assets

Discover how IBM helps KONE predict and resolve issues before equipment breaks.


How to reduce scrap and rework to increase yield

Manufacturers share how predictive modeling tools can improve product quality

See what thought leaders from Owens Corning, Toyota, Air Liquide, Hitachi, Fujitsu and IBM think of the opportunities and challenges of using predictive modeling tools to improve quality.

How IBM can help you get to the root-cause of products defects

Understand the cost of poor quality to your organization and how artificial intelligence can improve quality and reduce waste.

LCD manufacturer uses AI to improve quality inspections

Discover how IBM helped Shenzhen China Star Optoeletronics Technology Co. Ltd. (CSOT) boost production quality and throughput, while cutting costs.

SERIES: Throughput

How to improve productivity and optimize throughput

How IBM can help you optimize production to transform your business

Discover how to use artificial intelligence to transform production process and learn from industrial companies who have already started.

A cement manufacturer optimizes production with IBM technology

See how prescriptive insights can augment operator skills and optimize plant performance.

SERIES: Time to market

How to reduce time to market through supply chain optimization

Experts predict how AI and blockchain will transform the supply chain

Hear how new technologies are converging to transform supply chain management.

The path to a "thinking supply chain" with IBM technology

See how IBM leverages the power of AI, blockchain, and IoT to build a smarter supply chain.

Using AI to reduce global supply chain costs and complexity

Discover how Lenovo is using AI to achieve 95% faster reactions to supply chain disruptions to mitigate risks.

Digital transformation

Learn how leading manufacturers are addressing the skills gap.

SERIES: Automation

How to improve efficiency with automation

Opportunities and obstacles of intelligence automation

See what thought leaders from the National Association of Manufactures, 3M, The AZEK Company, and IBM think about intelligent automation and how it can reduce human error and lower costs.

Intelligent automation and how to get started

Learn insights from an IBM study of 3,000 C-suite execs on intelligent automation and three steps to getting started.

Cement manufacturer gains process efficiencies with intelligent automation

See how a global cement and building materials company reduced manual errors by 19%.

SERIES: Innovation

How to innovate like a start-up and break down barriers

How Industry 4.0 is driving business model transformation

Discover how the digitalization of manufacturing is driving corporate leaders to change their decision-making processes and develop new competencies and business models.

How to innovate like a start-up with the IBM garage

Hear how leaders across industries are driving business and technology transformation with the IBM Garage.

IBM Garage helps VW serve customer tailored offers

Learn how the German car manufacturer was able to take advantage of the data generated by their cars to provide better customer experiences and generate revenue through partnerships.

SERIES: People

Retiring workforce / Future workers

Forrester report: AI is ready for employees

Learn how AI can boost employee performance and successful use cases of human-machine collaboration.

Woodside increased employee productivity with AI

See how Woodside saved US$10 million worth of time, kept employees safe, and created a bridge for knowledge transfer from the past to the future.

SERIES: Illuminating Data

Uncovering dark data to derive insights and create new revenue streams

How artificial intelligence is reshaping the high-tech industry

Learn how to leverage AI to your advantage, to gain more advanced insights from your data and reshape your business model.

Enterprise apps: Streamlining the skies for commercial pilots

Read how IBM developed a first-of-its-kind trip planning app for airline pilots using weather data, development talent and global collaboration.

Position your business to become a keystone of your ecosystem

No company can wall itself off and operate alone. See how you should position your company to become the keystone of your ecosystem.