Accelerating for Tomorrow

In March, The Economist and IBM discussed how cloud and AI are empowering insurers to market new experiences and offerings that customers can trust - and doing so rapidly and securely.

Transforming for the future

The current COVID-19 pandemic is providing lessons that will help reshape the future of insurance. Consumers are re-evaluating their own risk management and it can be hard to differentiate between insurance policies and financial services products. As a result, many carriers are competing on pricing instead of maximizing lifetime customer value. To truly meet and exceed customer expectations, achieve customer-centricity and unlock new growth, you need innovators to reinvent the core of your business. Automation, insights and intelligence will transform and prepare you for the future. This requires new skills, processes, technology and culture. The insurance companies that become an essential part of their customers’ lives with seamless, secure, personalized engagement will win.

Today, IBM works with the top 100 carriers worldwide, bringing capabilities such as blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and cloud for flexibility and innovation; industry expertise; and global delivery presence to realize this vision and upgrade legacy systems.

A future of insurance case studies


Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty by embarking on a digital transformation with IBM.

Generali and IBM Services

Transformed into a cognitive enterprise using AI-driven intelligent workflows and big data.



Reduced real-time claims management response time by 30% with an AI-based solution.

A future of insurance solution


2020 was an unusual year for insurers

To battle unusual challenges, industry leaders insurers are using new solutions to manage a volatile world. 

Elevating the insurance customer experience

AI, algorithms and data-driven technologies can help win the hearts and minds of their customers.

The three pillars of insurance transformation

Engage policyholders with enhanced experiences, a lifestyle risk concierge and new platforms.

Discover how dynamic solutions from IBM can help modernize your client experience and improve customer satisfaction by keeping up with insurance industry trends.