Business challenge

Insurers today are looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to providing innovative products to customers while lowering operating costs. Facing a rapidly changing and crowded market, insurance companies may succeed or fail based on the rate of adopting new technology.

Solution approach

IBM intelligent solutions with insurance analytics and cloud models can unlock the future for insurers. Innovate at lower cost, modernize and meet regulatory requirements with flexibility. Experts from IBM are your guide to reinvention.

Introducing a first of its kind platform for insurers

You can spend less time on operations and more on innovation, growth, and providing customers with personalized products. IBM is helping insurers rapidly respond to the market and reinvent the way you work.

The IBM Insurance Platform was built in collaboration with MetLife and Majesco, leveraging the Majesco L&A and Group Suite. The platform enables end-to-end insurance, leverages IBM cognitive and AI capabilities, and is cloud enabled. It’s designed to facilitate interaction between members, customers, distributors and ecosystem partners.

Insurers need to innovate while, at the same time, control costs.

Insurance-as-a-Service uses cloud technology that offers financial flexibility and scalability. This use-as-you-go model paves the way for insurers to adapt faster with greater efficiency, developing new products and services while delivering modern customer experiences. Majesco is the core systems partner for the Group Benefits Platform.

Enterprise scale and secure, the platform offers pre-integration for front- and back-end systems. It is IoT extensible, designed with cognitive capabilities and blockchain integration in mind.

Enabling the digital transformation of insurers

End-to-end insurance functionality: Functional reach across the value chain.

Financial flexibility: Control IT costs and innovate by moving from Cap Ex to Op Ex model.

Integration with innovation ecosystem: Configurable environment and cognitive tools for blockchain, AI, IoT and data partners.

Business flexibility: Offer new products with faster time to market.

Scalability: Expand and contract IT support of products as demand changes.

Consumption-based: Lower TCO with marginal upfront investment; pay only for what is needed and used.

End-to-end security: Cloud-enabled security lets you stay up-to-date with changing requirements.

Learn how MetLife is using the insurance platform

With the IBM Insurance Platform, MetLife will have a model to tailor and scale group benefits to any size business. Starting with small businesses, MetLife will be able to offer a range of voluntary employee benefits in a cost-effective way.

This is possible through a partnership with core systems provider, Majesco and their solution Majesco L&A and Group Suite which is integrated in the IBM secure cloud and enabled with IBM Watson cognitive capabilities. This will bring the efficiencies of machine learning and analytics. The platform is intelligent and can automate, scale, and learn using Watson and cognitive APIs.

Key business processes supported

  • Marketing
  • Broker, customer and participant portals
  • Digital front end
  • Sales
  • Enrollment and eligibility
  • Case set-up


  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Claims administration
  • Product configuration
  • Participant relationship management
  • Business strategy and enterprise support


Innovation for insurance

American International Group, Inc.

Using blockchain for the “smart” insurance policy

AIG, IBM and Standard Chartered Bank partnered to develop the first multinational, “smart contract”-based insurance policy using blockchain.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Consolidating risk management

Nationwide consolidated its applications to manage risk and regulatory changes across the enterprise.

News and insights

The Cognitive Insurer

Insurance in the age of the customer.

IBM introduces industry platform designed specifically for insurers

Built in collaboration with MetLife, the platform will help carriers simplify customer experience and expand benefits in growth markets.

IBM and MetLife partner for a groundbreaking IBM Insurance Platform

From the introduction of the mainframe, to pioneering effort in artificial intelligence, IBM has consistently developed technologies that are relevant to the insurance industry.

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