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Stop fraudulent claims before payment is made. Counter insurance claims fraud with Financial Crimes Insight from IBM Insurance.

Improve the effectiveness of your fraud investigators. Confirm legitimate claims earlier while stopping fraudulent claims from entering the claims process. IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Insurance delivers analytics and cognitive capabilities to help you reduce fraudulent payments and optimize operations.

Uncover suspicious behavior earlier. Prevent fraud with multiple analytic techniques including advanced entity resolution, anomaly detection, clustering and association models, and risk scoring.  

Make your investigative teams more productive. Rich forensics and cognitive computing tools include pattern explorer, deep learning profiles, geospatial, social and link analyses. 

Get answers twice as fast and cut risk in half with financial crimes insight for Insurance. Significantly reduce the time to identify, investigate, and shut down fraudulent insurance activity. Use advanced tools including predictive and entity analytics along with cognitive computing to the help drive better outcomes.

Why is combating fraud getting harder?

  • More fraud attempts
  • Greater sophistication and complexity
  • Limited in-house skills and resources
  • Fixed budgets for anti-fraud solutions

Innovation for insurance

Stop medical provider fraud with powerful IBM cognitive analytics
Cognitive analytics, more effective provider risk scoring and rich forensics from IBM Financial Crimes Insights for Insurance helps insurers combat all fraud schemes.

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With IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Insurance, insurers can improve operational effectiveness of fraud prevention programs to drive impressive savings.

Discover, detect, prevent and investigate fraud. Find out how to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of counter-fraud efforts.

Combine detection and investigation processes with cognitive analytics to your counter-fraud insurance operations. Reduce exposure and lower costs.

Fight insurance fraud with AI. Fraudulent claims in the insurance industry have steadily grown to be the single largest expense to property and casualty insurers.

We process over 25,000 auto claims per month, and selected IBM to provide us with a  structured anti-fraud solution that would improve and strengthen our Auto and Casualty fraud claims processes, through better alert accuracy and investigative efficiency.

—Claims executive, Brazilian insurance company

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