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Insurance cybersecurity is no longer just a problem for the CISO. Cybersecurity is now front and center in board discussions. You need a partner to help you tackle insurance security threats head-on with the expertise and a large portfolio of security solutions.

In today’s data-driven, highly distributed environments you need insurance security analytics and real-time defenses to safeguard your business. IBM Security for insurers delivers integrated security analytics, real-time visibility, data protection and proven expertise.

A recent cybersecurity incident impacting a U.S. global information solutions company put 143 million customers at risk, resulting in fines, closed accounts and brand devaluation. These are the risks when not using fully a robust security infrastructure with visibility across the network and critical data and end point protection.

Today’s insurance security systems need to go beyond blocking threats. That’s why the IBM Insurance Security is built around a core of analytics. Using techniques that recognize and understand threats, IBM Security solutions can help you outthink threats by incorporating the latest in AI, cloud and orchestration technologies.

Without cognitive security, organizations cannot keep up with constant security threats and events. IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson™ combines the deep knowledge and cognitive capabilities of Watson with the QRadar Security Analytics Platform. You can uncover hidden threats and attain insights up to 60 times faster than with manual threat investigations.

Accelerate innovation and say yes with confidence to digital transformation with the portfolio of IBM Security cloud-based solutions and services. Protect your business with fast, scalable security solutions that require minimal management. Are you building a private cloud, on-premises or off? IBM Security products are cloud ready, helping guard your data, applications and infrastructure while providing critical visibility.

IBM X-Force® Exchange lets you research global security threats, aggregate actionable intelligence and collaborate on solutions. With over 800 terabytes of threat intelligence data and over 40,000 members, it’s a key resource for closing security gaps. Find, develop and share applications and leading practices with IBM Security App Exchange. The IBM Resilient® collaborative platform helps orchestrate faster, more effective incident response and resolution.

IBM is ranked among the top five security vendors globally. Innovate and reduce risk by combining a sophisticated security immune system with advanced cognitive computing data protection services and solutions.

Prepare for upcoming cyber regulations that will affect insurers. Access a security team of more than 8,000 people supporting 17,500 clients across 133 countries. Engage in collaboration with peers and IBM through the free X-Force Exchange threat sharing network.

Defy gravity

Your insurance company’s digital business has to be secure. Now toss in this. Strict security can frustrate your customers, leading to slow digital growth and low adoption.

But IBM Trusteer® uses AI seamlessly in the background to authenticate customers in a non-intrusive way.

The hybrid cloud strategy has enabled an agile environment that helps us respond to new demands and opportunities very quickly.

Alice Keung, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Economical Insurance

Innovation for insurance

Establish digital trust for insurance

Establish digital trust for insurance

Learn how IBM Trusteer helps you establish a trusted digital relationship with users from the moment they open a new account.

Building a seamless experience

IBM Trusteer helps insurers transparently assess digital identity risk to build a seamless digital experience for users.

Westfield Insurance

Westfield insurance protects business data and quickly identifies who is accessing customer information.

Learn how IBM Security Guardium software helps Westfield protect sensitive data against internal and external threats.

It was important for us to be able to work with IBM, because they are one of the few major technology vendors that have expertise and experience in performance and computation for pricing counterparty risk.

Keyvan Silvain , Head of CVA Desk in Paris, Societe Generale

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Security for today's world is intelligent and integrated. Identify and respond to threats quickly with a security immune system approach.

Understand threats with Watson for Cyber Security. Security analysts are overwhelmed with data. Watson finds the critical connections.

Compliance does not guarantee security. Learn from this webcast to build risk strategies that help you navigate new security and regulatory requirements for insurance companies.

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