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IBM Blockchain speeds business processes with trust and transparency.  Leading insurers are adopting this revolutionary technology for a wide range of uses, both simple and complex.

IBM Blockchain for insurers expedites transaction data exchange and process visibility to all parties in a network. Pervasive security allows for greater trust and transparency in distributed ledger transactions. Blockchain from IBM is made for enterprise on open source technology.

Blockchain is used to record transactions in a provable, permanent way.  IBM blockchain makes it easier for multiple partners to exchange data transparently and securely. This is especially important for insurers, who deal in sensitive financial transactions and often with multiple parties involved.

IBM offers deep expertise in both blockchain and insurance. We advise clients on how this new technology is taking shape in the industry. We’ve developed our expertise alongside the growth of this technology and made significant contributions to The Linux Foundation, a leader in the field. IBM blockchain is built on Hyperledger technology, used to improve the performance and reliability of transactions.

Any technology, including blockchain, that can increase trust and transparency for an industry whose pillars are built on that, should be fully explored. We’re excited to be delivering innovation that matters to our clients – and co-developing key components of this new technology together.

—Rob Schimek, CEO of Commercial, AIG

Innovation for insurance

AIG and Standard Insurance
AIG and Standard Chartered partnered together with IBM to create a multinational insurance policy based on blockchain.

Learn how AIG and Standard Chartered are using IBM Blockchain technology to strengthen transparency, increase trust and reduce cost and friction.

China Construction Bank (Asia)
China Construction Bank (Asia) and IBM are developing Hong Kong’s first bancassurance powered by blockchain.

Built on IBM Blockchain, the new blockchain solution for China Construction Bank is to streamline transaction processing and enhance service delivery and customer experience.

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