Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with AI technologies

Our artificial intelligence (cognitive computing) capabilities help insurers glean new insights from their customer data—to not only prescribe how to address emerging customer issues, but predict when they might occur. AI insurance solutions also help you automate manual processes, which means your employees can spend less time doing rote work, and more time serving customers.


Connect the dots faster: AI tools allow an insurance underwriter to spend less time validating data and more time applying insights that create new sources of value.

Become an even more trusted advisor

Give your underwriter the ability to do a lot more in a lot less time.

Find out how you can look past cost savings and reimagine uderwriting

Find out how you can look past cost savings and reimagine underwriting processes with cloud, cognitive, digital and emerging technologies.

Virtual conversations

Technology to deliver a truly human experience already exists. Artificial intelligence chat bots can access limitless data instantly to provide extreme personalized service.

Ready to transform customer service? You can use cognitive chat bots to collaborate, aid in decision making, and execute transactions with a customer. Find out how.

Implementing a virtual agent can differentiate you from your competition and enhance the customer experience.

Customer insight for insurance

Insurers wanting to succeed in today's digital age of higher customer expectations must dig deeper. Using the power of advanced analytics and cognitive computing, they need insights into customer behavior to anticipate their needs.

Better insight is better business: Customer Insight for Insurance uses a cognitive approach to create a comprehensive view of customers and generate new insights into customer preferences and future behaviors. Think beyond birthday cards and bills to drive deeper customer engagement with your policyholders.

Watson IoT for insurance

Take insurance policyholder protection to the next level with the Internet of Things.

Reshape your future with drone enabled visual data analytics. Streamline claims processing while improving your ability to respond quickly to customer needs.

Provide holistic protection personalized to the customer, therefore shifting the very nature of risk.

Get closer to customers

From gaining new insights from customer and public data to better serving customers, here's how we've helped companies like yours.

USAA maintains exceptional service for its members

USAA maintains exceptional service for its members

USAA uses predictive capabilities to provide an appropriate range of solutions for its members when they experience significant life events.

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