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Watson Expert Assist solution

Watson Expert Assist solution helps solve the biggest insurance sales challenges. See how a leading ASEAN insurer achieved 32% reduction in sales agent call center volumes.

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Successful insurers are relentlessly focused on customer needs. Watson Expert Assist from IBM with artificial intelligence (AI) for insurance allows agents to spend more time listening to customers instead of searching multiple systems, spreadsheets or documents for answers. With Watson Expert Assist, sales and customer service agents quickly access the customer insights and answers they need.


Sixty-nine percent of buyers want sales representatives to listen to their needs. But salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. Watson Expert Assist is an insurance solution with IBM Watson artificial intelligence helps that helps sellers deliver in-depth, personalized information. Your agents can confidently focus on providing relevant insurance expertise to prospects and customers.

Watson quickly delivers real-time actionable insights, in manageable amounts, when you need them. With artificial intelligence for insurance your newest agents can be as savvy as your experienced professionals. It enables access to decades of institutional knowledge and interactions with customers.

How it works

Watson understands questions asked in natural, conversational language. It quickly answers questions about sales, training, products, customers and more. Customers can easily interact over the web or with chatbots. Watson AI for insurance can be taught the specific nuances of your company and products by leveraging the expertise already inside your organization.  

Watson Expert Assist navigates underwriting and pricing guidelines for complex product lines with speed and accuracy, and advises the agent on how to best interact with next steps and resources.


Watson Expert Assist helps prioritize leads, accelerate client relationships and grow insurance expertise through better sales intelligence. Up to 80% of your information about customers’ needs and market trends lies in unstructured data. AI puts that data to work to help your sellers advise customers on best fit products and grow revenue.

This is a splendid example of how artificial intelligence has helped us free up our call agents’ time to do more meaningful and value-creating work . . . which in turn allows our FCs to offer a more specialized quality of care to their customers.

Tsui Lin, Head of Customer Management, Prudential Assurance Co. Singapore (Pte.) Ltd

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Prudential Singapore created a scalable intelligent chatbot. Designed with IBM Watson technology, it handles a high volume of commonly-asked questions, freeing agents to work on more complex tasks.


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