Insurance customer journey

The insurance customer experience is dynamic, with new layers of nuance added in light of the current pandemic. Insurers have always aspired to be part of their customers’ daily lives, not just an annual renewal reminder in their calendar or frantic phone call during an emergency claim. Technology is finally available for the transformative work of regular customer engagement and reimagined omnichannel experiences. Yet customer experience is only the beginning. To stand out from the crowd, successful insurance companies need to address insurer pain points in real time, becoming a companion and champion in policy holder's daily lives. To unlock new growth and build better connections and retention, the skills, processes, technology and culture of insurance must be reimagined. To truly achieve client-centricity, a comprehensive digital transformation is required to transform the insurance industry in the eyes of customers.


Improve customer satisfaction


of insurance companies cite improved customer satisfaction as primary driver to plan and implement AI.

Boost trust


of customers trust their own insurer. See how to exceed customer expectations for a better customer relationship.

Increase customer retention


of customers think their insurer can be counted on to provide good service. Improve customer loyalty across all touchpoints.

Insurance customer experience case studies

AI-powered virtual assistant

Allianz Taiwan Life Insurance Co. Ltd.’s virtual assistant, Allie, connects with customers in a very human way.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

AvivaSa lets digital transformation dictate operating costs and time to improve sales mobility and customer loyalty.

Driving eye-popping results

PBM Personal Business Machine AG boosts customer feedback response rates by up to 60% with help from IBM technologies.

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