Start with customer experience

Effective transformations begin by considering how customers select, purchase and operate your products. Manufacturing leaders apply digital insights to strengthen customer experience.

Focus on enterprise experience

Enterprise experience should include how customers and employees relate to your brand.

Deepen customer relationships

Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud.

Reinvent customer value

Using IBM Watson IoT® to help the manufacturing industry communicate through assets.

How will your business compete?

Compare your business to a benchmark of over 1100 industrial firms. How prepared are you to demonstrate the 7 keys to successful digital transformations?

Start small. Grow fast.

Brainstorm ideas quickly, test prototypes and scale at a rapid, accurate pace. Be guided by industry experts and a bold approach. Let the IBM Garage™ change the way you innovate and accelerate your transformation to an intelligent manufacturing business.

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Modernize enterprise applications

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Talk to us

Engage an expert to learn more about where to start your digital transformation.