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Re-imagining Each Dollar of an IT Budget to Maximize Business Performance

Preface: In this QA, Hemant Kumar, SVP and CIO of GW Laboratories, shares his perspectives on how changing one’s mindset can help overcome perceived resource requirements and drive high-business performance.

Modernizing technology in the cognitive era

How can you cope with the exponential growth of data, while your time-to-insight grows more challenging? Hospitals, genome centers, medical research centers and other healthcare institutions all are dealing with this common challenge of new—and mostly unstructured data sources that continue to emerge, expanding the data ecosystem, making it harder to manage, store and analyze

Accelerating Research with AI & Watson for Drug Discovery

Every day, researchers are challenged to find new drug targets faster than ever before. At IBM Watson Health, discovery and innovation is part of our DNA and we are here to help you with your next scientific breakthrough. IBM Watson for Drug Discovery has the ability to synthesize massive public and private datasets in both

Part 4: Building a common language for technology-supported ageing: Roles

The Periodic Table of Technology-Supported Ageing prioritizes “Self” as the central character. Yet the individual represented is surrounded and supported by a dynamic network of others that may change over time. Understanding these secondary and tertiary players, what they do, how they contribute and what they represent to “Self” is critical to the definition of

What is the role of CEOs as they transform their organizations

A C-Suite interview with Dr. Ram Charan, co-author of “Execution”, which was a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller and spent more than 150 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and Jay Galeota, President of G&W Laboratories and the former Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer at Merck and Co., Inc.

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Healthcare's Cognitive Future

A booster shot for health and wellness: Your cognitive future in the healthcare industry.

Learn how advances in cognitive computing can help bridge the gap between data quantity and data insights.

A Growth Engine for Healthcare

A growth engine for healthcare: How cloud computing can help the industry navigate change.

Learn how cloud computing can be an enabler of organizational transformation in a changing environment.

Precision health and wellness

Precision health and wellness: The next step for population health management.

Explore the current state of population health management and how it will evolve by 2020.

Population health management

Population health management: Beyond the EHR

Take a deeper look into the history, current climate and challenges affecting the healthcare industry’s shift to value, and how technology can help.

The future of health is cognitive

The future of health is cognitive: Harnessing data and insight to deliver better health, value and individual engagement

With the increasing digitization of the world, cognitive systems can help healthcare organizations unlock new opportunities and insights never before contemplated.

Beyond the EMR

Beyond the EMR: Optimizing healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes

Optimize healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes.

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