Continuous improvements. Lasting results.

Simpler Industrial Consulting from IBM® helps drive meaningful transformations across all aspects of business by aligning strategies, optimizing resources, streamlining operations and instilling a culture of continuous improvement.

Our approach has enabled us to achieve USD 4.2 billion in client-verified savings and an average client return-on-investment of 10:1.

Our expertise

Business leaders are focused on developing specific strategies to help improve their organization's overall performance. However, they also see the need for enterprise transformation to improve customer satisfaction, operations, employee engagement, and supplier response.

With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses transform and increase their value, Simpler Industrial Consulting helps reinvent core workflows (Demand, Delivery, Design & Support Functions) to enable your organization’s transformation. We help make this happen by engaging your workforce and implementing next generation Lean methodology. 

Simpler is proud to have clients from several industries in the Fortune Global 500, as well as many clients who have been externally recognized for the success of their transformations by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) and the Shingo Institute.

By simplifying and augmenting the workflow process, every job is transformed – giving your business the opportunity to continuously improve.

Who we serve

Simpler Industrial Consulting can help a variety of industries including, but not limited to:

Aerospace & Defense

Energy & Utilities

Financial Services




Lean thinking: Reimagine your workflows

Lean principles help organizations continuously improve by reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and developing a culture focused on building value. These principles were originally formalized in the automotive industry, but have been successfully adopted in all types of industries - manufacturing, defense, utilities,  healthcare and more.


How strong are Lean principles at your organization?
Answer six short questions to discover where your organization is on its Lean journey.



Help your organization establish effective governance and achieve enterprise strategic objectives with the Simpler Advisory Consulting Program.

Operational Excellence

Design streamlined customer-centered outcomes for your organization using a proven transformation model combined with a unique client engagement model.


Advisory + operational excellence = meaningful improvements. We align people, processes, and management systems to achieve transformational results and instill continuous improvement across the entire enterprise.