The start up SimpleC, uses IBM Bluemix to tap into a wealth of existing tools, data sets and analytics - including Watson APIs for natural language, vision, speech and insights to build innovative solutions that deliver media-based therapies using songs, photographs and recordings of familiar voices to mitigate the behavioral symptoms of dementia by triggering or restimulating memories. Delivered with Watson starter kits, the Bluemix platform makes it fast and easy to add cognitive capabilities to new products and apps.

Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia can be overwhelming for the 65 million people suffering with these potentially debilitating cognitive diseases.

Business Challenge

Caring for an aging population.

SimpleC provides much needed support for patients and their care givers through the use of an easy-to-use, computer-based, multi-media input and delivery environment. With IBM Watson, delivered through IBM Bluemix, this system can assist clinicians, care givers, and family members to provide a more personalized care programs to loved ones.

Family members and caregivers – often referred to as "invisible patients" – are also suffering from these life-changing diseases; emotionally, physically and financially.

Typical treatment for dementia-related symptoms – apathy, confusion, and verbal or physical aggression – have relied heavily on antipsychotic medications and specialized treatment and housing. But costs and side effects from these drugs, and removing people from their homes, often exacerbate these challenges.


Major breakthroughs in science and technology – and access to massive amounts of data – are igniting a new wave of cognitive and behavioral solutions. Providing more personalized experiences, easing anxiety, establishing routines, re-stimulating memory can improve the quality of life for these patients. Taking a new approach to a longtime challenge, SimpleC sought to deliver media-based therapies to improve symptoms and behaviors without drugs.

The ultimate goal is to give the patient peace, comfort, and independence – depending on the level of affliction. SimpleC is making great strides, among the highlights:

  • Using IBM Watson cognitive services and the IBM Bluemix cloud platforms, SimpleC built media-based therapies.
  • SimpleC processes and analyzes more than 750,000 transactions per day to help model patient profiles, predict and generate care program recommendations.
  • Songs, photographs and recordings of familiar voices are used to mitigate behavioral symptoms of dementia by triggering or restimulating memories.


Business Benefits

While it’s still early, doctors, caregivers, family members, friends of those affected by these chronic diseases are encouraged by these recent breakthroughs, and new ways of approaching the challenges. Caregivers can act on meaningful insights to adjust therapies, routines and schedules, understand future care needs and, ultimately, deliver more personalized care. There are signs of progress:

  • 50+ assisted-living facilities in 10 states are now using SimpleC media-based therapies with impressive and life-improving results
  • Many report a 60% decline in dementia-related behavioral symptoms and challenges, including agitation, irritability, depression and resistance to care. Some facilities report a 95% decrease in the use of sedative drugs and antibiotic prescriptions by 30%
  • The therapies have also helped mitigate the kind of patient behaviors that affect others, such as verbal and physical aggression.
  • Most importantly, 85% of individuals receiving SimpleC therapies at home state that they find comfort and joy in using them.

SimpleC is focused on bringing a sense of comfort to millions of patients and caregivers around the world - and the initial results are encouraging. It’s exciting to see the community join efforts to continue to improve treatment for people with cognitive disorders - along with the millions of "invisible patients."


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