Refining government operations

The role of government is to help improve citizens’ lives. Better utilize your data to minimize tax fraud and optimize revenue, improving programs that benefit residents.


Better financial management

Gain insight into data from across a variety of sources to recognize revenue, forecast, track spending and identify waste to help meet budget goals.

Prevent fraud, waste and abuse

Combat fraud, reduce risk and improve compliance by combining data mining, reporting and visualization to decrease your number of caseloads, loss and costs.

Who we work with

California Franchise Tax Board

The board uses predictive analytics to prioritize nonpayment cases, determining which have a better chance of being resolved and how much should be repaid.

For us, the value of this project comes down to dollars and cents. We’re a revenue-generating agency, and we measure ourselves on that. In that regard, we’ve had excellent results.

Jeff McTygue, Manager, Business Intelligence and Data Services section, California Franchise Tax Board

Trends and news

Improved outcomes for agencies

Tax administrations must analyze data from multiple sources. See how cognitive computing makes it possible.

Tax revenue management and economic vitality

IBM solutions provide practical, effective insight that goes beyond local and regional constituencies.

Helping improve how government functions

Blockchain helps fight fraught and improve service efficiency to better serve citizens’ needs.

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Learn how IBM solutions can help improve your financial management posture to maximize revenue and reduce risk.

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