Maximize tax revenue growth and fiscal stability

Infuse operations with insight and innovation from IBM analytics and cloud computing solutions, leading to increased tax collections, economic sustainability, responsive taxpayer relations and improved efficiency.

Explore solutions to ensure financial efficiency and competiveness

Budgeting, Revenue and Financial Management

Enhance taxpayer ROI with deep insights.

Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Elevate your ability to detect anomalies and noncompliance.

California Franchise Tax Board uses analytics to increase revenue

“For us, the value of this project comes down to dollars and cents. We’re a revenue-generating agency, and we measure ourselves on that. In that regard, we’ve had excellent results.”

—Jeff McTygue, Manager, Business Intelligence and Data Services section, California Franchise Tax Board

IBM Counter Fraud Management for Government

Avoid the pay-and-chase scenario by intercepting suspicious transactions in real time while detecting, identifying and building the case against past fraudulent activity.


Do more with less: Efficient and effective tax and revenue solutions

With IBM Business Analytics solutions, your agency or organization is able to reduce tax fraud and abuse, improve operational efficiency and foster long-term fiscal stability.


Improved outcomes for tax and revenue agencies

Tax administrations must prepare themselves to handle and analyze data coming from multiple sources and countries. See how cognitive computing is making all this possible.


Tax revenue management and economic vitality

IBM solutions can provide practical, effective insight based on real-world experience that goes beyond local and regional constituencies.


Blockchain for Asset Registration

Better manage tangible and intangible assets with Blockchain, which improves efficiency, cuts fraud risk, saves time and promotes trust across the business network.

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