How law enforcement can get the most out of their digital evidence

Beneath mountains of data are case-changing insights. Learn how you can fight cybercrime, identify and rapidly locate suspects with audio and video evidence, and tap into a wealth of insights in social media and open source intelligence (OSINT) to uncover patterns that generate leads and predict criminal activity.

Digital forensics: Connecting the dots in your investigation

The opioid epidemic costs American society USD 78.5 billion annually¹. This compelling video illustrates how a modern digital investigation, powered by artificial intelligence, can reveal critical clues from all evidence data sources.

Learn how IBM is partnering with police to reduce crime

Durham Police Department cuts violent crime by 39%

See how better intelligence helps direct Durham PD’s policing resources where they have the greatest impact — staying ahead of criminals and making the streets safer for citizens.

Miami-Dade PD reduces crime analysis from days to minutes

Find out how they make better decisions faster by finding links among disparate crimes and gain a more complete view of a given situation, location or suspect.

Manchester PD gets proactive with predictive policing

Reducing crime 28% is never easy, but the MPD achieved this by powering their digital investigations with IBM — even when facing an opioid epidemic and reduced personnel.

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¹National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, reported in October 2016 Medical Care