Cut crime, save time and optimize resources by using data driven insights to help know what’s coming. Take advantage of structured and unstructured data sources — including incident reports, surveillance, sensor and social media content.

How it works

We combine powerful analytical and cognitive capabilities with a rich set of integrated data sourced from your established applications. Using both structured data—such as crime and criminal data—with unstructured data—such as officer notes, social media and video—you can:

  • Optimize resources and how they are deployed
  • Monitor, measure and reduce crime
  • Improve situational awareness by delivering information to the field where and when it's needed
  • Improve budgeting and planning by knowing what’s likely to happen tomorrow, next week or next month

How you benefit

IBM's crime prediction and prevention solutions combine powerful analytical capabilities with a rich set of integrated data sourced from your established applications. Built on a proven IBM software platform, this solution provides agencies with the means to make the best use of people and information at hand to monitor, measure, and predict crime and crime trends. When various sources of structured and unstructured data are brought together and made available for analysis, situational understanding is improved, making citizens and police officers safer.

Who we work with

The Edmonton Police Service built Canada’s first digital policing platform to better utilize data, solving crimes faster and improving officer safety and response efficiency.

IBM Law Enforcement Solutions

IBM law enforcement technology to build safer and more economically viable communities by enabling you to predict, command, and respond to crimes.

IBM Analytics Solutions for Government

Build stronger insights into customs and operations with IBM analytics

IBM Security

IBM® Security delivers an integrated system of analytics, real-time defenses and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions about how to safeguard your organization.