Revolutionize the fight against crime

Get a complete view of the crime landscape impacting your jurisdiction and jeopardizing public safety. Combining machine-led analytics and human-led analysis capabilities, IBM can help your law enforcement agency quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns buried in data to predict and prevent crime.

Explore solutions to enable law enforcement to anticipate and prevent crime

IBM Crime Prediction and Prevention

Discover technology solutions to help reduce crime and protect citizens.

IBM Analytics for Law Enforcement

Use intelligence-led policing to improve public safety.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

Provide first responders with a secure, real-time view of critical emergency information.

Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department drives down crime by 28 percent

“The solution takes us from being reactive to proactive. Now, we can determine where crime is likely to happen and prevent it.”

—Matt Barter, Detective, Manchester Police Department

Manage all your digital evidence to save lives

Explore how to uncover patterns in your digital evidence to generate leads and predict criminal activity.


IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

Enhance security and public safety with real-time video footage analysis to improve investigation.


21st century emergency management

Learn how societies can navigate the complexities in infrastructure such as power, water and medical services — as well as the most basic economic activities — in emergency situations.


IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

Adapt emergency operations to rapidly changing situations by correlating and analyzing operational information.

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