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Keep your transportation infrastructure up to speed.

Flexible tolling is changing the way goods, vehicles and people get from A to B

  • Transform traffic planning and management through an infusion of data insights, machine learning and cognitive thinking
  • Construct a cloud-built roadmap that leverages automation and advanced analytics to rapidly accelerate time to value and satisfy businesses and commuters day in, day out
  • Reduce environmental and operational impact with less vehicle emissions, less noise and greater public transport usage
  • Increase revenue generation from smarter tolling strategies to make repairs and improvements

All roads now lead to secure, agile next-generation tolling for the digital age

  • Modernize legacy systems to handle dynamic and real-time pricing
  • Handle changing conditions and data volumes with agility and flexibility
  • Deliver a digital-first, multichannel automated customer experience
  • Maximize revenue collection and management faster and at scale

Preemptive, proactive cognitive tools and tech help manage transportation infrastructure

  • Identify potential infrastructure issues and address them before they become problems that disrupt operations
  • Act with greater insights to safely and securely manage your critical infrastructure and transport systems around the clock
  • Think prescriptively through advanced analytics and AI to make smart decisions in real time
  • Automate business processes and reduce high cost of operations by optimizing human-to-machine interaction
  • Deliver constituent experiences that delight while protecting lives through cloud-fuelled emergency management and response

Emerging technologies are revolutionizing how cities operate and going mobile is just the start

  • Turn connected vehicles, smartphones and wearable devices into a real time, virtual network for public good
  • Become more agile by automating processes and planning through machine learning and AI, in the control room and in the field
  • Transform transport networks and legacy systems through advanced analytics that measure effectiveness and cost efficiencies
  • Turn mobile apps and services, as part of a cloud managed solution, into a cognitive framework for predicting, managing, and monetizing traffic and tolling

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The future of travel is on the interconnected digital superhighway.

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Smart buildings are learning and adapting to how we live, making life better.

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Transform experiences for drivers, passengers and agency employees with AI.

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