A well integrated transportation information system helps address issues when demand is greater than capacity. Using sophisticated analytics and cognitive computing you can collect, analyze and predict transportation needs.

How it works

Using an analytics engine to collect and analyze data and turn it into valuable insights, transportation management solutions enable you to:

  • Implement traffic prediction and intelligent route planning capabilities
  • Develop analytics driven capabilities to reduce congestion and improve traffic safety
  • Analyze and predict future traffic needs based on time of day, weather conditions or other special events

How you benefit

With IBM Transportation Management solutions, built on analytics and cognitive computing, you’ll be able to optimize your transportation resources and make traffic flow more efficiently.

Success story

City of Eindhoven collects and analyzes data from car and road sensors to resolve traffic issues issues quickly

A regional government in the Netherlands pilots a traffic-management solution that collects and analyzes data from car and road sensors in near real time, providing authorities with critical information they need to quickly resolve traffic issues.

The Weather Company an IBM Business

Integrate weather into your transportation operations for better outcomes

Internet of Things (IoT)

Weather analytics and IoT sensors: Changing the rules of the road through data

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