Help individuals by enabling caseworkers to coordinate service offerings with insights into their clients' comprehensive needs

How it works

IBM solutions can integrate all client interactions and remove the silos found among social assistance agencies to help citizens in need gain access to the services they are eligible for. This comprehensive solution helps caseworkers:

  • Determine desirable outcomes and which combination of services will meet client needs
  • Fast-track simple claims and route complex claims with intelligent processing
  • Reduce duplication, overlap and errors
  • Evaluate socio-economic factors and their impact on current service offerings and demands
  • Speed up the delivery of benefits

How you benefit

Our tailored offerings built with deep analytics and cognitive computing capabilities provide insight across the entire lifecycle of care, enabling agencies to connect citizens to the right Programs and differentiate service plans based on each person’s or family’s unique circumstances.

Success story

North Carolina identifies millions in suspicious Medicaid claims using advanced analytics

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health, including solutions from Curam provides a portfolio of business and technology capabilities that offers prebuilt social program components, business processes, toolsets and interfaces.

IBM Analytics for Social Programs

Data and analytics can provide the means to understand an individual or family's ongoing needs, match clients to the right program or service, measure program results and reduce waste and abuse.

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