Ensure a more sustainable social programs ecosystem by coordinating the delivery of tailored services to meet individual needs, reduce the cost of care and improve citizens' lives.

How it works

Using an integrated care-management platform, you can:

  • Assess client's needs to better determine appropriate eligibility
  • Recommend interventions that can improve health outcomes
  • Coordinate the delivery of social and community services such as transportation, food and home care
  • Support caseworkers develop plans to enable client self-sufficiency
  • Make business improvements using robust analytics to detect and investigate fraud and errors

How you benefit

Optimize service delivery, enhance efficiency and improve outcomes for citizens in need.

Single View of the Citizen

Minutes count, get the view you need to improve outcomes for clients.

IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health, including solutions from Curam, provides a portfolio of business and technology capabilities that offer prebuilt social program components, business processes, toolset and interface.

IBM Analytics for Social Programs

Data and analytics can provide the means to understand an individual or family's ongoing needs, match clients to the right program or service, measure program results and reduce waste and abuse.

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