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Reinvent complex work models to get back to the business of human services. With IBM data analytics and self-learning systems, social services agencies can gather insight from cross-agency data to understand individual and family needs, connect clients to the services they need most, measure program results and reduce fraud.

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Social Programs Management

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Social Programs Single View of the Citizen

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North Carolina identifies millions in suspicious Medicaid claims using adva

Al Delia, Acting Secretary, NC Health and Human Resources

To identify suspicious Medicaid claims activity and fraud, North Carolina used IBM analytics to sort through tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of millions of claims in minutes. As a result, North Carolina has already identified nearly $200 million in suspicious claims from the initial 250 providers they targeted.

Improving outcomes for individuals and families

Get the insight to deliver the right services to the right citizens at the right time, keeping communities and clients healthier and more economically viable.


Get a 360° view of client needs

Discover why case workers need a complete picture of the people they serve to deliver services that will improve the lives of clients and their communities.


IBM Health and Human Services Connect 360

Find out how developing an integrated picture of the services a person receives can help reduce health and safety risks, lower costs and improve outcomes.


Five steps to improving outcomes for social services with insight

Discover five steps to improving social services with greater efficiency for better outcomes.


Cyber defense and the role of cognitive computing

Richard Stiennon, a security industry veteran, discusses the roles of artificial intelligence and cognitive machine learning in building a strong cyber defense strategy.

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