Meeting citizens’ needs

Gaining a 360-degree view of each citizen and their specific needs helps agencies provide coordinated and integrated services to support residents over the long-term.


Social programs management

Use insights into clients’ comprehensive needs to enable caseworkers to coordinate services and provide solutions that facilitate better outcomes.

A single view of the citizen

Coordinate the delivery of tailored services to meet individual needs, reduce care costs, improve citizens’ lives, and sustain your social program ecosystem.

Who we work with

North Carolina fights Medicaid fraud

North Carolina fights Medicaid fraud

Using IBM analytics to sort through millions of claims in minutes, the state identified nearly $200 million in suspicious claims from the first 250 providers targeted.

Improving outcomes for individuals and families

Gain the insight to deliver the right services to the right citizens at the right time, keeping communities and clients healthier and more economically viable.

Trends and news

Capture a complete view of client needs

Discover why a complete picture of people helps case workers deliver services that improve lives and communities.

IBM Health and Human Services Connect 360

Find out how an integrated picture of services received helps reduce costs, health and safety risks, and improves outcomes.

Cyber defense and cognitive computing

A discussion on the roles and importance of AI and cognitive machine learning in building a strong cyber defense strategy.

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