Crisis management

Meeting a global challenge

See how IBM is using available resources and technology to help during the pandemic.

IBM Watson Assistant

An AI-based virtual agent that answers commonly asked questions regarding the current crisis.

Webinar: Managing work-from-home

Learn how to apply support strategies for new work-at-home populations.

Think big. Start small. Innovate quickly.

  • Establish a vision for digital government to better serve citizens and inspire civil servants.
  • Tackle reinvention in manageable use cases to mitigate risk and accelerate returns.
  • Foster an adaptive culture to continuously learn and iteratively improve.

IBM Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Harness unstructured data to make faster and smarter decisions.

Government Blockchain

Access a trusted view of shared information and transactions.


Protect government data and applications from cyber threats. Be secure from edge to core.


Use data insights to design, develop and deploy citizen services.

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Engage an expert to learn more about the government technology solutions available today.