Governments face complex challenges

Rising citizen expectations, decreasing budgets, outdated infrastructure—sound familiar? In today’s fast-moving world, these challenges can be paralyzing.

How do you help your organization run at the speed of business? You harness the power of digital—and the collective thinking of your team to get you there.

Bring your colleagues together for our in-person Digital Transformation Workshop to define a reinvention roadmap tailored to your priorities.

Governments face complex challenges

About the Workshop

Who, what, when, where? Find the answers to your questions.

What can I expect from a workshop?

Workshops are highly structured, time-boxed events tailored to the specific problems you are looking to solve or goals you are trying to reach.

The workshops are led by Design Thinking Facilitators who guide attendees, including IBM Government Digital Transformation Experts, through a series of activities that help you solve not just the broader issue, but also smaller problems that may be roadblocking success.

What does a workshop agenda look like?

Workshops are personalized for your organization, but a sample agenda for a two-day workshop might be:

Day 1: Introduction to IBM design thinking, stakeholder and empathy maps, as-is process map, big ideas, and prioritization grid.

Day 2: To be-process maps, assumptions testing, roadblock exploration, introduction to prototyping, playbacks, experience mapping, and to-dos.

Is there prep work required?

Yes, there is some prep work.

Some is led by IBM and requires your input, such as stakeholder interviews. There is also prep work you will complete within your organization, such as a business overview summary.

The timeframe for completion depends on the complexity of the problem you are looking to solve, your ability to access key information, and the participation of your stakeholders.

More FAQs

Why choose IBM’s Digital Transformation Workshop?

We’ve designed our workshop with a unique point of view and powerful differentiators.

  • The IBM team has proven government expertise in digital technology application.
  • IBM’s design thinking approach helps you identify the fastest path to ROI, with lower risk than traditional reengineering.
  • IBM sees digital transformation as an iterative, multi-step process. We’ll help you get to the best overall solution with a roadmap that lets you implement in steps, so you don’t have to change everything at once. This lowers the risk of unforeseen problems, as you and your peers have the chance to learn and optimize at each stage of your roadmap implementation.
  • Your roadmap, informed by your expertise, insights, and data, breaks your long-term goals into smaller, more manageable phases and projects so you see results in a matter of months, not years.
  • If you decide to purchase technology from IBM:
    • Only IBM has one centralized platform (Watson Data Platform) to support the technologies you will need, like AI, Blockchain, IoT, analytics, security, and mobile.
    • IBM has a hybrid cloud platform that manages sensitive data within government regulations.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

Overall, it reduces risk and costs when implementing change while increasing speed to implementation. How?

  • Since IBM takes a design thinking approach, the solutions to your challenges are created from the end user point of view.
  • The workshop lets you work through process issues and experience challenges in a safe environment, encouraging open discussion as you work towards consensus.
  • Your path to digital transformation will be formalized into a roadmap not simply approved by key stakeholders, but informed and influenced by them as well.
  • You’ll emerge with an understanding of the resources you’ll need as you move along your roadmap, giving you insights into entry points for new technology implementation.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that focuses on the needs of the people receiving the solution. By putting the needs of your citizens and constituents at the core of everything you do, you end up with services and internal processes that are “human-centered.” Design thinking helps solutions provide real value from the start, as they are designed for the end user from the start.

What is a Design Thinking Facilitator?

Design Thinking Facilitators guide your team through the preparation and exercises you need to arrive at a consensus on the key audience, how to serve them better, and the roadmap to execution. They are certified in design thinking and have led multiple sessions with a wide range of clients. They draw on the experience of the thousands of sessions IBM has done with teams around the world.

What is an IBM Government Digital Transformation Expert?

IBM Government Digital Transformation Experts bring years of experience working with (and often working for) governments around the world. They have been part of significant client transformations across the public sector, from Health & Human Services to Defense & Intelligence to Tax & Customs. They come equipped with subject matter experience applicable to the challenges you are facing, familiarity with approaches other agencies and governments have taken, and a deep knowledge of how to apply the latest technologies to solve your challenges.

How many people from my organization can attend the workshop?

Workshops usually have 8 to 20 attendees, including IBM contributors. Of course, what’s most important is that your key stakeholders and experts are involved. These include representatives from within your organization, from other departments you work with, and from partner companies—as well as any citizens you invite to participate.

How many days does a workshop last?

Workshops span one to two days, depending on the complexity of the problem you’re looking to solve.

How much does the workshop cost?

Costs range from USD 35K to USD 50K, depending on the complexity of the problem you’re looking to solve.

What is included in the cost?

Costs depend on your specific needs, but at a minimum, you will walk away with a digital transformation strategy and a roadmap for implementation with built-in stakeholder agreement to ensure accountability and responsibility.

How long does it take to schedule a workshop?

Lead time varies by organization. On average, it takes about a month for most organizations to select a final workshop date that works for every attendee. Prep work requires stakeholder time and may affect the timeline.

Where are workshops held?

Workshops can take place on your premises, at IBM Design Centers, or at an appropriately equipped offsite location.

Where are the IBM Design Centers?

We have Design Centers on six out of seven continents. See here.

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