Embed digital technologies

Explore solutions

Explore solutions to your constituent’s most pressing challenges.

Government services

See government services from the citizen’s perspective.

Using data

Learn how to make better decisions using data.

Rethink processes

Rethink processes to improve decision-making.

This workshop will help you:

Assess current state

Assess your organization’s current state.

Clear vision

Define a clear vision of next steps.

Develop a roadmap

Develop a roadmap to achieve your vision.

Set of priority

Establish a set of priority use cases.

Quickly deliver results

Three proven methods

  • IBM Digital Reinvention™
  • IBM Design Thinking
  • Digital Reinvention Maturity Model

Workshop benefits

  • Use iterative development to yield results in months, not years.
  • Improve citizen interactions and engagement.
  • Instill greater trust in government.
  • Improve decision-making by civil servants.
  • Establish leaner operations for maximum impact.
  • Set up the workforce of the future.

Get started today

The workshop can be held at an IBM Design Studio, or your location.