With the vast sources and amounts of data growing every day, finding the insights needed to uncover threats to security has never been more challenging. To address this challenge data-driven analyses enabled by cognitive computing allows you to gain insights into the source and level of threats to national security and your operations.

How it works

By integrating structured and unstructured data from a vast array of sources including social media, the dark web and geo-spatial information, you can:

  • Predict and mitigate threats before they become reality
  • Apply analytical and cognitive computing capabilities to create valuable insights and actionable intelligence
  • Use trusted data sources and secure communication capabilities to appropriately share information between commands, coalition partners and non-military organizations
  • Equip operational units, analysts, multi national partners with the right information, at the right time, in the right format, to improve the effectiveness of national security and defense operations

How you benefit

A vast portfolio of DoD and NATO compliant security offerings help implement security, cyber and intelligence initiatives that can enable your agency to better protect national security, critical assets and personnel from a wide range of evolving threats.

Success story

Swedish Armed Forces improves data quality, while migrating millions of legacy data records

IBM Analytics for Defense

IBM offers defense solutions to empower the threat analyst or mission personnel while balancing privacy, security and legal concerns with mission effectiveness.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Response Solutions

Prepare for and more rapidly respond to an ever-growing variety of security threats with IBM's Cybersecurity Assessment and Response services.

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