Headquartered in Beijing, China, TransWiseway Information Technology Co. Ltd. develops transportation information service systems and applications for traffic monitoring projects.

Its customers include municipal transportation administrative agencies and transportation companies. TransWiseway’s traffic management and control platform is integrated into various government-owned and enterprise-wide platforms.


In 2011, the government of China mandated that all trucks be connected to the TransWiseway Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platform.

As a result, Beijing-based TransWiseway Information Technology Co. Ltd. needed to grow its platform to support and serve 10 million simultaneously connected vehicles while managing the massive amounts of data generated by the solution.


With an enhanced IoV platform, TransWiseway can collect and analyze data from millions of connected vehicles in real time to improve safety and decision making.

Customers can now access traffic, weather, route, vehicle maintenance and driver safety data through a web interface, smart devices or terminals inside the trucks. Cloud-based access facilitates third-party app development, helping companies improve efficiency and reduce costs. The company now has the largest IoV platform in China.


Since implementation, TransWiseway’s IoV platform has become the largest IoV platform in China, with an anticipated growth from 300,000 connected vehicles to more than 10 million by the end of 2019.

The company has expanded its customer base, growing from 9 to 34 provinces, covering the entire nation with the exception of Tibet. Offerings developed on the platform by ISVs and other third party partners have created new revenue streams for the company through new applications deployed to trucking companies and drivers. The platform has also enhanced ransWiseway’s value to customers and to the public, with insights that alert drivers of poor road conditions, dangerous weather or potential driving violations.

Solution components

  • IBM MessageSight
  • IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation
  • Software Services for WebSphere – Lab services

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