Executive summary

To deliver better services their city, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona must streamline data collection and communication.

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, known as Greater Barcelona or Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) in Spain, is a territorial entity and the public administration wing of the Barcelona metropolitan area, composed of the city of Barcelona and 35 adjacent municipalities around the city. With a mission to deliver services to its member cities, AMB supports a combined population of more than 3.2 million inhabitants within an area of approximately 245 square miles.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for municipal organizations to deliver quality services to their cities.

Like many municipal organizations around the world, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona is facing challenges such as resource limitations, declining budgets, an aging infrastructure, congestion, public safety issues and a sluggish economy. Barcelona and surrounding municipalities needed a solution to more effectively manage city operations such as traffic flow, waste collection and police control at area parks and beaches.


The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona engaged IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center to develop a cloud platform solution that enables better city management.

Leveraging a single technology platform, the solution aggregates data and centralizes and analyzes information on the management of public spaces, parks and beaches, giving AMB a view of all municipal events. As a shared services business model provided through a cloud platform, the solution connects multiple city agencies and underlying support groups, strengthening communications and collaboration among departments. Using the solution, AMB can now take corrective actions to avoid congestion on crowded beach days.


Today, citizens in Barcelona experience much better care and services from municipalities.

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona also expects to achieve a cost savings of as much as 10 percent annually by using the solution, including up to 6 percent savings in maintenance.

The organization anticipates that the solution will improve the efficiency of parks and beach management for Barcelona and other cities each year. Citizen involvement is expected to grow considerably with deployment of the solution, which will provide a cleaner, safer environment for both Barcelona and its surrounding municipalities.

Solution components


  • IBM® Intelligent Operations Center


  • IBM Global Business Services® — Business Consulting Services
  • Advanced Analytics and Watson Experience

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