Executive summary

The Department of Science and Technology of the Republic of the Philippines is mandated to provide central direction, leadership, and coordination of disaster relief efforts in its country.

When natural or man-made disasters strike, a timely, coordinated response is critical to saving lives and livelihood. Despite its vast experience, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) struggled to connect its disaster prevention and mitigation efforts with a coordinated, immediate response.

“Collaboration is the key word when it comes to disaster management”

Raymund E. Liboro
Assistant Secretary for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

With an integrated disaster management and communications solution, the agency can gather and analyze disparate data sources in real time, helping streamline and focus its disaster response. The solution helps decision makers deploy resources at the right time and to the right locations, proactively evacuate expected impact areas, and set up medical and other disaster recovery operations where they are most needed.

The new operations center provides emergency management capabilities to streamline and integrate the many government response processes, helping agencies perform better to help protect the lives of citizens. The solution had a nearly immediate impact on recovery efforts. For example, the initial communications integration technology solution was up and running just two weeks after the typhoon, letting all agencies and first responders communicate, regardless of equipment or method.

The disaster operations center gives the agency and its reporting agencies an integrated, near-real-time view of all disaster-related information to facilitate a coordinated and timely disaster response.

Solution components

  • IBM® Intelligent Operations Center
  • IBM Sametime®
  • IBM Global Business Services®— Application Innovation Services
  • IBM Global Technology Services®— business continuity and resiliency services
  • IBM Business Partner UnifiedEdge, Inc.
  • IBM Business Partner Priority 5 Holdings, Inc.

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