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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts streamlines facilities management processes

DCAMM is responsible for the facilities management of approximately 80 million square feet of space, 6,000 buildings and structures, 276 campuses and over 13,000 real estate parcels. DCAMM manages 5.5 million square feet of state buildings, and it provides assistance to the other agencies that manage state property.


The agency needed to align facilities management process throughout their subordinate agencies to operate more efficiently

Overseeing this huge portfolio of properties mainly run by subordinate agencies created an unwieldy and costly process that ate deeply into state budgets.


DCAAM engaged expert consultants from IBM Global Business Services to help develop a streamlined approach to its facilities management processes

IBM Global Business Services helped develop a streamlined approach to the agency's facilities management processes.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is predicting massive cost savings from more efficient facilities management processes

DCAMM forecasts a 10–15 percent reduction in operating costs with greater visibility into space utilization, maintenance operations and real estate agreements. These savings will come, in part, through improved operational efficiency and worker productivity achieved with centralized information access and streamlined reporting, as managers will no longer need to wait for paper-based, agency-generated reports. The department also anticipates improving customer service to the departments that use its buildings through faster problem resolution.

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