Using advanced data collection and in-depth passenger analysis, you can improve national security, make travel safer, speed border crossings and ensure compliance with immigration procedures.

How it works

Our services team can help you create an identity relationship model that will assist you in capturing commonalities and deviations in entity data. Combining this model with our advanced analytics software allows you to:

  • Collect and analyze advance passenger information and passenger name record data before passengers arrive at national borders
  • Operate, coordinate and manage the flow of people and cargo through and across international borders
  • Analyzing multiple data sources to detect passengers who represent security threats
  • Provide real-time risk assessments and issue alerts enabling security agencies to intervene more effectively

How you benefit

Our modeling services and advanced analysis software has proven to be successful in helping border agencies to evaluate survey data and solve statistical problems immediately leading to better decisions around immigrant integration policies.

Success story

Swiss Customs improves the flow of goods with enhanced processes

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