Adopt patient-centered technology for success

Unlock the power of your data to improve operations, support team collaboration and lay the groundwork for data-driven decision making.

Meander Medical Center unites physical and digital healing environments

As the number of registered patient portal and mobile app users grows, Meander is moving forward on delivering new digital services and enhancing care coordination by deploying collaborative intranet and extranet capabilities.

Securing Devices for the Healthcare Enterprise

Mobile devices are increasingly coming to clinical settings, ultimately freeing clinicians from multiple devices. However implementing a bring-your-own-device strategy requires strong mobile device strategy.

Deliver value and reduce cost

Is your IT infrastructure ready to support mobile operations to provide exceptional patient experience? With just nine quick answers in self-assessment you can compare y our results to other mobile leaders.

Optimize healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes

Hospitals around the world are under increasing pressure to do more with less: to improve quality, increase capacity to care for more patients and reduce costs - yet they are some of the most complex operations you will find anywhere. A typical hospital has thousands of diverse applications, devices and technologies, yet the pressure for standards adoption and interoperability is mounting. And in all this, the patient must not be forgotten.

Increase capacity while streamlining operations

A comprehensive strategy outlines how to increase capacity, improve processes, and improve safety - while also streamlining operations and cost structure.

Exceptional patient experience on top of an excellent care

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and IBM Watson IoT envisioned a hospital setting where patients can speak naturally to a cognitive concierge in their hospital room that will be able to answer questions, adjust their environment based on personal preferences and anticipate their needs.

Build your own cognitive hospital

IBM Watson IoT Platform on IBM Cloud helps you get started. To create your own IoT environment, find the tools and services you need, such as cognitive APIs, Weather Company data, Blockchain and more.

And you can start at no charge.

Engage in new ways with individuals, care teams and across your enterprise

Establish a standards-based, collaborative environment with seamless integration between diverse technologies across your network-on the cloud, on premise or hybrid environments.

When information follows patients wherever they go, care can be coordinated, more convenient and tailored to their individual needs.

Healthcare is transforming to become a system focused on value-and centered on the individual-to deliver better quality, experience and outcomes at the most affordable cost.

Advancing memory care with IBM Watson and IBM Cloud solutions

SimpleC built a suite of innovative solutions that deliver media based therapies using songs, photographs and recordings of familiar voices to mitigate the behavioral symptoms of dementia by triggering or re-stimulating memories. Some facilities report a 95% decrease in the use of sedative drugs and antibiotic prescriptions by 30%.

Unlock the power of cognitive with Watson

With Watson on IBM Cloud, you have access to the widest range of cognitive technologies available today to quickly and securely build smart applications. From analyzing images and video to understanding sentiment, keywords and entities from text, our Watson services enable cognitive within your applications.

Healthcare rallies for blockchains

Keep patients at the center

Healthcare providers expect blockchain benefits in medical records, payers focus on easing regulatory burden.

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