A smarter approach to Cloud

Several years after cloud adoption became a priority for the federal government, the technology and the challenges for agencies continue to evolve. Now cloud-based services are playing a key role in IT modernization efforts, which increases the pressure on agencies to move their activities from data centers to the cloud […..]

A New Chain of Trust – Blockchain and Its Impact on Trustworthy Systems

The Need for Trust I remember when I first started learning about security and the concepts of CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. At the heart of these concepts is trust. For us in IT, that means creating trusted systems that support our organization’s business processes. Unfortunately, we have not really been able to achieve […] 


Lessons for Business as the Pentagon Embraces AI

In April of 2016, during a speech to a room full of NATO allies in Brussels, then-U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work invoked an obscure phrase from the modern military vernacular. With China and Russia rapidly improving their military capabilities at sea, in the air, and on land, Work said it’s time for the United States to explore “the Third Offset strategy.”

Research reports

Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government

This report created by the IBM Centre for the Business of Government, reviews recent progress made in applying artificial intelligence to public sector service provision, drawing on lessons learned from commercial experience as well as burgeoning cognitive computing activity by Federal, State, local, and international governments.

A Roadmap for IT Modernization in Government

Professor Dawson’s recommended roadmap is based on research into past experiences in IT modernization at the Federal and State level, as well as in industry.

Seven drivers transforming government

This recent research report from the Centre for the Business of Government articulates perspectives shared by current and former government leaders, this special report identifies seven drivers for transforming government in the years to come.


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