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The IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit is designed for leaders and change makers working to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the unique needs of government agencies. At this free online conference, engage with government and industry experts who share their lessons learned on topics ranging from digital government leadership to analytics and AI, from migration and hybrid cloud management to cybersecurity best practices.

Can better data analytics slow the fastest-growing illegal trade in the world?

Today, human trafficking is notably problematic for law enforcement to identify—let alone prosecute. According to the State Department, 2016 saw just 14,894 prosecutions and 9,071 convictions. The global breadth of human trafficking is staggering: it is the third-largest and fastest-growing criminal activity in the world. The issue is that there’s a missing link between the kidnapping and the human trafficking[......]

More Than Meets AI

The embrace of artificial intelligence has come quickly in government. More recently, the administration launched the American AI Initiative through a February 2019 executive order, and the Department of Defense released its own strategy on how to incorporate AI into national security. A new report produced by the IBM Center for the Business of Government and the Partnership for Public Service addresses how government can best harness AI's potential to transform public sector operations, services and skill sets.

Case studies

Transforming readiness

Marines are the first responders, ready at a moment's notice. The commanders and staff who manage their deployment largely use basic tools—even whiteboards—for planning. Now, AI is changing the way the brave men and women of the Corps get to battle—and back.

How IBM’s Watson is helping the Army streamline cargo delivery

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority used AI to improve the process of transporting crucial military cargo—saving money, time, and, most importantly, soldiers’ lives.

Harnessing blockchain for electronic health records

Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics are looking to use distributed ledger technology to securely collect data from electronic health records to use in the hundreds of reports and surveys they publish each year tracking the state of public health [........]

Operation Nighthawk

Rapidly analyzing large volumes of multi-source data to provide live operational intelligence. Working with IBM® Global Business Services® and IBM Business Partner Blue Light, the exercise command team used IBM i2® solutions to create a central intelligence repository, complete with powerful analytical capabilities.

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