Cybersecurity Awareness Month calls attention to the widening skill gap

We live in an era in which cyberattacks are increasing in speed and scale, and their effects are growing in severity, range and cost. The fear, uncertainty and real-life implications of these breaches are felt at the individual level – and, like all things of scale, there are macro-level impacts as well.It is estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy […..]

A New Chain of Trust – Blockchain and Its Impact on Trustworthy Systems

The Need for Trust I remember when I first started learning about security and the concepts of CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. At the heart of these concepts is trust. For us in IT, that means creating trusted systems that support our organization’s business processes. Unfortunately, we have not really been able to achieve […] 


Pentagon's next Cloud Contract could be worth Billions

According to an internal strategy document obtained by Nextgov, the Pentagon aims to award a 10-year cloud computing contract—potentially worth billions—to a single company by the fourth quarter of 2018.  

Research reports

Citizen engagement: A pathway to Government reform

What is citizen engagement? How does this concept relate to citizen services, digital transformation, and similar terms used to describe how government is modernizing the ways in which it interacts with citizens?

How governments can prevail in the face of the global skills crisis

Read how government leaders can work with ecosystem partners to deepen the talent pool and build the workforce of the future.

Risk Management & Reducing Improper Payments : US Department of Labor

DOL’s innovative approach to improve outcomes and performance related to improper payments, an area of operational risk that has been identified as a legislative priority.

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