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Federal, state and local governments are still reeling from the consequences of COVID-19. On top of that, they are faced with diminishing budgets, growing demands from citizens and the shifting priorities of a new administration. Now more than ever, organizations realize that the decisions they make today impact their ability to respond to the unexpected events of tomorrow. Watch Think Gov 2021 on demand where you will learn how to take advantage of the speed, efficiency and innovation that comes with moving to the cloud and to continue accelerating digital transformation within the public sector.

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Opening Keynote

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna is joined by Sandra Beattie, the first deputy director of the New York State Division of the Budget in talking about how public-sector organizations are evolving to be more digital-first, embracing open and secure hybrid cloud platforms.

Launching an Agile, Intelligent Future with Hybrid Cloud

Government challenges are rising, as made apparent by the past year. This session explores how it’s more important than ever that we reinvent with software that speeds an agile and intelligent future with hybrid cloud.

Reshaping Cybersecurity in the Remote Work Era

As we continue into the remote work era, it introduces a new level of security risk. Join this fireside chat with Steven Hernandez, CISO Department of Education, about facing challenges head on as the federal workforce continues on the path to remote work.

Driving Modernization through Secure, Connected Cloud

One of today’s most important organizational advantages is developing information and intelligence in real time. During this session, learn how cloud can be a valuable asset in driving modernization and the need to balance connectivity with security in hybrid environments.

Orchestrating the Secure Hybrid-Cloud Enterprise

Today, the role of the CIO is very much like that of a conductor leading an orchestra. During this session, former federal IT leaders will discuss how CIOs orchestrate modern, multi-cloud environments, the inherent security challenges and the importance of processes that cut across the enterprise.

Digitally Reinventing Government to Better Serve Citizens

More and more, the world is becoming digital. During this session, IT officials from the federal government will detail the digital reinvention of their agencies to better serve users in this new, digital-first environment.

The Urgency of Science: Preparing for the Next Global Crisis

Join Darío Gil as he shares his vision and IBM’s science forward agenda with proposed action plans to be ready to solve future impending crises—from focused increases in federal investment in R&D to building the diverse pool of scientists in critical emerging fields and refocusing of our institutions on innovation and expanding their reach and impact.

Breakout Track 1

Data-Powered Digital Transformation

Smart public-sector organizations are merging the intelligence of data and AI with the speed and efficiency of hybrid cloud to better collect, organize and predict outcomes and automate decisions and processes. This allows organizations to empower individuals to deliver higher-value work and digital transformation. Join this session to learn how the JAIC, is scaling and infusing data and AI effectively to achieve better mission outcomes.

Transforming the Enterprise: A Conversation with Delta Air Lines

The federal government faces pressures to modernize their IT infrastructure. Yet modernization can be a costly undertaking that carries its own set of risks, such as cost, security and overall functionality. By exploring lessons learned from commercial IT transformations, including how they architect change, and what were the motivating factors to drive this change, the government can intelligently prepare for their own IT modernization journey.

Using data to make quick, informed decisions in challenging times

Time isn’t a luxury that organizations have when it comes to reacting to unforeseen disruptions. The most challenging to date, COVID-19, has triggered major disruptions that have affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. Hear how the State of Rhode Island is using emerging technologies to quickly harness new data to inform future policy decisions, respond rapidly to changing situations, and find new ways to better serve the public.

Breakout Track 2

Technology Modernization Fund: Strategies for Winning TMF Pitches

The Office of Management and Budget issued updated guidance regarding priorities and processes for agencies to submit proposals for the Technology Modernization Fund in support of the American Rescue Plan Act. Join us to discuss the four critical areas prioritized under the TMF that also connect with other key priorities in the American Rescue Plan, to include: modernizing high-priority systems, cybersecurity, public-facing digital services and cross-government services.

Innovating in the Face of Modern Challenges

Public-sector organizations are working hard to accelerate innovation and modernization to keep pace with rising constituent and employee expectations. A clear transformative path has emerged to modernize and fulfill mission. However, progress is often slow despite employees’ best efforts due to a range of challenges from budget constraints to the predominance of legacy systems. Join us for a discussion with Forrester on how organizations can find success by leveraging container platforms, hybrid technology, open source, and data analysis with the support of strong services partners — all with an eye to mission success, not just meeting budget constraints.

Modernizing from the Mainframe to the Cloud

Mainframes play a critical role in the world’s computing infrastructure across a variety of workloads. Advances in the IBM Z platform have made it possible to enable more advanced computing using modern technologies. During this session, we discuss how the mainframe is integrating with your hybrid cloud strategy, as well as the challenges and inhibitors you may be facing with your mainframe environment while modernizing applications to enable your development environment and operations.

Breakout Track 3

Securing Tomorrow's Enterprise

The Technology world is rapidly changing with agencies implementing hybrid, multi-cloud solutions and moving increasing workloads to the edge. The proliferation of IOT devices and the rapid adoption of Robotic Process Automation create new attack surfaces across a broader range of critical infrastructure and applications. Recent breaches have put a heightened focus on the breadth and depth of cyberthreats. This panel is focused on the steps agencies are taking to secure their enterprises for today and tomorrow.

IBM Launches Center for Government Cybersecurity

As recent cybersecurity incidents like the SolarWinds hack and Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack have shown, the threat landscape now comes with real-world consequences that affect the greater public. IBM has launched the Center for Government Cybersecurity to address the surge in existing and future cybersecurity threats in the public sector. During this session, hear more about the new collaborative environment and its mission to host events, workshops and other learning opportunities that provide access to IBM experts and advisers in emerging areas such as zero-trust security, hybrid cloud security and the future of cryptography.

Co-creating Game Changing Solutions with the IBM Garage

IBM Garage™ is a model for accelerating digital transformation. It helps you generate innovative ideas and equips you with the practices, technologies and expertise to rapidly turn those ideas into value. When you work with IBM Garage™ you bring your pain points into focus. You empower your team to take manageable risks. You adopt leading technologies, speed up product development and measure the value of everything you do.

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