With vast amounts of data growing every day, finding the insights needed to uncover threats to security has never been more challenging. Data-driven analyses, enabled by Cognitive Computing, allows operators to improve local situational understanding with a common operating picture (COP) and common intelligence picture (CIP).

How it works

By integrating structured and unstructured data from a diverse range of sources, commanders and operators can: Outthink threats by combining human and machine learning to make more informed decisions; Solve a wide range of problems in real-time by unlocking hidden insights; Maintain technological superiority and operational overmatch; Support defense priorities by being more agile.

How you benefit

IBM has been researching, developing and investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and cognitive systems for more than 50 years.

For the Department of Defense, IBM can design systems that take insights from renowned generals and analysts - and deliver that intelligence to the new recruit. Many of these capabilities, typically found only at the strategic level, can now be used by tactical leaders in forward deployed areas.

Client stories

Special operations forces (Operation Nighthawk)

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