How AI is transforming the way Marines are deployed around the world

Marines are the first responders, ready at a moment’s notice. The commanders and staff who manage their deployment largely use basic tools—even whiteboards—for planning. Now, AI is changing the way the brave men and women of the Corps get to battle - and back.

Increase military asset readiness with cognitive technology

Readiness - the US military’s ability to perform its required missions everywhere, all the time — is shaped by many factors. In addition to the abilities of military personnel, readiness includes the performance of military equipment. The armed services face monumental equipment and asset readiness challenges regarding uptime and availability, including the sheer volume and range of equipment and the impact of budget cuts on equipment health and deferred maintenance.

Webinar: Reinvent Readiness with Cognitive technology

Join us for an in-depth discussion with experts from IBM. We’ll explore how the U.S. military can ensure equipment readiness by preventing, rather than responding to, maintenance problems.

Video: View the Army's proof of concept

Learn how Watson has helped the U.S. Army improve equipment readiness in a proof of concept with more than 350 Stryker vehicles.

Video: Understand solution capabilities

Use cognitive technology to advise decision-makers tactically, operationally and strategically from a single pane of glass.


IBM employing Watson to maintain vehicles

IBM brings AI into Army Logistics

How to use AI in defense for readiness

Speak with an IBM Government expert

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