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You’re working hard to defend our country. Are you leveraging your data and climbing the ladder to AI? Take the IBM AI Military Readiness Assessment. In less than two minutes you’ll get a personalized report on how your agency compares to others and what you can do to boost military defense readiness with AI.

How military AI is transforming the way Marines are deployed around the world


Marines are the first responders, ready at a moment’s notice. The commanders and staff who manage their deployment largely use basic tools—even whiteboards—for planning. Now, military AI is changing the defense technology and the way the brave men and women of the Corps get to battle - and back.

Increase military asset readiness with cognitive technology

Readiness. We talk about it constantly in defense and national security. It’s priority number one: making sure the US military is ready to perform required missions everywhere, all the time. This ability to remain constantly ‘ready’ includes the availability, uptime, and performance of military equipment—everything from propulsion engines and tanks to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and office lighting. Readily available equipment saves time, money and lives. Read this e-book and explore how the military can ensure equipment readiness by preventing maintenance problems.


The Uncharted: Autonomous Ship Project

Discover how IBM and ProMare are enabling a new era of autonomous innovation and marine exploration with AI, edge computing and cloud technologies through a 5-part docuseries.

Hybrid Multicloud for Government e Book

How a hybrid multicloud platform delivers outcomes for government

Data & Defense: How to Boost Readiness

We asked defense and intelligence professionals about the data they manage, the challenges they face, and the barriers to using AI.

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