Shining a light on dark data

IBM's Dave McQueeney, VP of Cloud and Next-Generation Systems, IBM Research, says a client once told him that their organization was only using 20% of its data. They had the data, but 80% of the data was dark. So, if we believe that the data will give us a leg up on our competitors—from other companies to enemy combatants—then we need to shine a light on that other 80%. Watch to learn how Dave says we can do that—and harness the power of the insights gained by deep data analysis and AI.

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Military readiness

Get your people and your equipment ready to deploy—even before they need to be.

Cognitive situational understanding

Explore situational understanding from a strategic, operational and tactical point of view and learn how AI can be used to create a common operating picture.

Open source intelligence

A combination of machine-led analytics and human-led analysis capabilities helps you quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns.

Case study: How IBM’s Watson is helping the Army streamline cargo delivery

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority used AI to improve the process of transporting crucial military cargo—saving money, time, and, most importantly, soldiers’ lives.

Advancing Analytics with Cognitive Technology

U.S. ground forces handle a massive amount of information and data while working under unpredictable conditions. That means military intelligence analysts don’t always have a technologically reliable way to share and receive information. They must overcome both enterprise communication challenges, which force them to operate for periods with little to no access to data and information overload when connections are available.

Join us for an in-depth discussion with experts from CERDEC, TRADOC G2, the U.S. Army, and IBM as we explore situational understanding from a strategic, operational and tactical point of view.

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