An ecosystem approach to working with the federal government
Collaboration. Integration. Specialization. Let’s work together to address the federal government’s challenges.
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The U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.
Partnership as a growth engine

Challenges facing the federal government today related to issues such as cybersecurity, supply chain and sustainability are systemic in nature and can’t be addressed by one company alone.

To provide the best outcomes for the federal government, IBM enabled a powerful partner ecosystem of our own—the IBM Ecosystem. 


Technology solutions for systems integrators Technology to address federal government missions and priorities

nCollect, organize and analyze data to infuse AI to shape future outcomes.

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Align, protect and manage threats proactively.

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Automate end-to-end processes to improve efficiency.

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Modernize with AI-powered hybrid cloud software.

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Resources for small businesses

Resources tailored for issues important to the federal government

Participate in world-class learning journeys for zero trust and sustainability Learn to navigate the federal government contracting process more effectively Access government opportunities that leverage your capabilities
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